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SuperFarm is a game similar to the mobile app farming games such as f---ville and h-- day.

Plant crops, grow trees, feed your animals and collect the produce.

From your produce make items in themed buildings such as the bakery or sushi bar.

All items produced earn XP so you can compare how well you are doing with your friends. A monthly competition will be held with a prize fund of L$2200 shared between the top 10 farmers based on their XP.

Sell your excess produce to earn L$ and attract other farmers to your land to view what you have on sale.

Optional links to other SuperFish games to use your SuperFish Fish/Rocks/Gold/Trees to produce SuperFarm items.

Optional SuperFarm Worm/Power/Boost factories can convert 4 randomly chosen requests weekly into 1000 Worms/1000 Power/500 Boosts.

Starter Pack contains:

Barn (your main object, all produce stored here)
4xPlot (where you grow crops)
Seeds for wheat, corn, carrot, soybean, sugarcane
1 Apple Tree, 1 Raspberry Bush, 1 Blackberry Bush
1 Chicken, 1 Cow, 1 Pig
Feed Mill, Dairy, Sugar Mill, Bakery
Stall (for selling your items)
Basket (for buying items for others)

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  • Farming Game
  • Get Traffic
  • Earn L$
  • Optionally links with other SuperFish games


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