TARDIS Expansion, Hidden Woods Version 3.3

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This is an expansion room for any Novatech Type 40 or Type 70 TTC (sold separately.) It can also be used as a stand-alone skybox.

Built by TommyTom Jun, this is an elegant, low-prim wooded glade for any Novatech TTC. It is a warm and inviting place to reflect on the day's events, or take advantage of the open, uncluttered forest floor to build in nature's peace.

To install this product in your TTC, make sure you're wearing the TARDIS HUD or emDash. Then rez "Install Hidden Woods" and click on it. When it finishes, summon a fresh Type 40 or Type 70 from your HUD and you'll find your new room in the console menu. I find it works best rezzed off another console room, as the round entrance tube does not quite align with exterior forms.

For more information, drop by http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gallifrey/126/161/567 where you can see a demo and read the full manual.

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  • HORIZONS-compatible

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Vendu par : Cheshyr Pontchartrain
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