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Welcome to Surreal Estates! We are an established estate with more than 300 sims and in business for more than 4 years. We are offering sims and parcels of almost all sizes, types and ratings.
You can browse a full list of sims and parcels that are currently available by visiting ANSHEX.COM. Or just use this link: http://tinyurl.com/bfh2wa6
On the screenshot above you see a fully optional prebuilt sim landscape that you can rez automatically within seconds on your sim. Once rezzed, you have full object ownership and can move, replace and customize as you wish. This is only one of many options of terrains and prebuilt sims for you and there are no limitations for you on what to do with the sim or what items to use there. Unlike most non-ACS estates we actively develop exclusive professional content to support our customers, with new additions almost every week! We are sure you will like it, no matter if you prefer the convenience of fully prebuilt sim designs or intend to build the entire sim from scratch your way.
There are also many more reasons to rent from Surreal Estates. Here are some highlights:
** No premium account needed
** Lots of exclusive content included that you cannot get elsewhere
** Extremely competitive rates.
** Surreal is a major estate with 300+ sims and 5 years track record
** We own all our sims directly via Linden Lab
** Transactions, rentals and land ownership are guaranteed by Anshe Chung
** We are a real, legal and tax paying business
** Latest class server hardware
** This is a real sim and not a "virtual sim" or other marketing scheme that you have to share with others
** Automatic real-time sim performance monitoring
** Convenient rental system with L$ and PayPal options, weekly payments, prepay as many weeks you want, automatic notifications, etc
** Full terraforming rights and tools
** Full access to the fast growing Anshe Chung Library with 1000+ high quality meshed items

** True 24/7 fully round the clock in world support whenever you need help
** Experienced technical response team
Interested? Please contact Surreal Chung in-world or teleport to our sales hub in the sim "Surreal Estates".

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  • Customize your Land settings such as media, audio and parcel privacy settings.
  • High performance class 5 and 7 servers
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer support.
  • Weekly Tier Payment (Prepay as many weeks as you want)


Surreal Chung
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