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*TWO* Xmas Memory Games (Concentration game)
- uses randomly-placed pairs of Christmas images
- every game is a different challenge
- NOTE: now includes both our standard 5x5 grid and a more difficult 6x6 grid !!

Times player and maintains High-Score (fastest time)
- multiple players can take turns

Easy to use, just touch and play
- clear error messages for improper operations

WARNING: It is very addictive.

Modify so you can resize larger or smaller

New v2.0 has special code to provide instant display of images, and uses Mesh to reduce LI (5).

Come and play inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exotic%20Forest/165/179/1700

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  • Easy to use, just touch-and-play
  • Maintains High-Score (fastest time)
  • Uses randomly-placed pairs of Christmas images
  • Modify so you can resize larger or smaller
  • Times player and maintains High-Score (fastest time)

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Addictive Competitive Fun (COPY permits home and sim)

Publié le 24/12/2015 de Stryyke 5 étoiles

As others have said this is simple to play and addictive fun. No matter what your best score is, you want to beat it. Great fun to keep yourself occupied, but when others come everyone wants to best everyone else. If you come back and see someone *else* has beaten your score, then you want to play some more to again get the best time. The owner can reset the boards script to clear the best score and the competition starts fresh.

Sometimes the sim is quiet, and this game is a good way for people to have fun while they wait for others to arrive.

Because it is fully copy, I have a shared one in the sim that everyone uses, but I also put another one in my private home area so I can use it anytime. When I find I am "in a grove" and getting good times I then TP over to the sim so I can post a best time there!

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Brilliant fun

Publié le 23/12/2015 de janette Inglewood 5 étoiles

The memory training games are addictive, satisfying and great fun. I have found the functions to be reliable and snappy and able to cope with my high speed playing style. The Christmas version contains cute and amusing pictures to provide a change from the Gorean version.

I have found myself employing various systems to improve my time and the one crucial thing you need is total concentration as your brain maps out the location of the hidden items until you make the match. Indeed i have found saying the names out loud to be a help, rather odd to anyone listening as i call out Grinch, Robin, Elf, Sock on the Christmas game.

I love these games and have got under 45 seconds on both, a good score if i say so myself. I thoroughly recommend these games to anyone!

Janette Inglewood.

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