Teleporter Rings 2.0 HD [Mesh] Version 2.2

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General Teleporter Read-me

More details :

General infos :

The teleporters are seperable by networks and privacy.
You set the teleporter name by editing the object name, and the network name by the object desciption.
The network must be exactly the same, the script cares about capitals.

More teleporters will come soon and updates too. But for our first time an update disk will be possible to don't remove and replace the previous version.

Some details :

>All our teleporters are full animated with light effects and particles.

>All our teleporters are mod and copy to allow the owner to change textures / scale / or unlink pieces out of.
Of course to change the name and network of the teleporter you need to change the object name or description.
But be carefull when you unlink some pieces they could be necessary.

>All our teleporters are only using 3 scripts, and only one of them are designed to do the whole teleporter job,one other for the FX (almost idle all the time), the third is the updater.

>All teleporters could be locked or set to private by the owner by a secret menu showing up if the owner holds his click 2 second on the teleporter.

>All teleporters are also working with Quarantine and Power API, wich means you could turn them offline or close and lock them.

>In next updates we are going to add more features, like the Keycard capabiltiy to enable group access.

>All teleporters are prepared for lagging sim or unstable homestead.

>The Atlantis Teleporter will be included in the Altantis Full pack at the next release, if you already own the atlantis full pack you can request a teleporter copy.

> Destiny teleporter and Altantis Teleporter textures are made by BM Labs.

Vk Labs 2012.



  • Teleport up to 7 people
  • Automatic syncs
  • Low scripts
  • High mesh quality

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Product relies on backend APIs that are no longer operational; creator has not been online since May 2020.

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