The Palace Stone and brickSALE

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The Palace - Opulent Second Living
**Comes with 5 different external texture options**

L/I =1064
81m x 58m

19 rooms of pure luxury (with detailed original mesh)
Includes five different external textures (preview at in-world vendor)
Includes made-to-measure curtains (various colour options)
Mesh that is easy to mod and re-texture

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  • Comes with 5 different external texture options
  • Materials used throughout
  • Comes with a set of curtains that fits the windows in a range of colours
  • Easy texture mesh. Easy to change textures as you wish.
  • 19 Rooms

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Publié le 3/3/2018 de LadyEleez 5 étoiles

If you desire the ultimate supreme regal home with consummate elegance then you have found it. It is indeed a true Palace within every square inch. It is worth visiting it in-world to see the finest craftsmanship second to none, the richest superior textures that will transport you to a absolute feeling of sheer splendor then this is the home for you. Each time I walk into my home I feel completely at home among the aristocracy. This is the kind of home for those who feel that they are indeed a true Lady or Gentleman. It is my forever SL home. If you've never visited the Angel Manor Estates then you have missed what it feels like to hob nob with Royalty.

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Kaya Angel (Angel Manor Estates)
Kaya Angel (Angel Manor Estates)
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Vendu par : Kaya Angel
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