TuTy's - CLASSY GEISHA female AO (priority 3 & 4)

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The best Geisha ao in second world is now available from Tuty's.
This AO gives a charming touch of grace and is really rich.
It comes in 2 options, 3 priority and 4 priority.
It contains:
62 animations inside the hud, it contains:
12 different walks
18 animated stands
5 animated sits for 2 or 3 sizes of shape
5 animated sit on ground for 2 or 3 size of shape
crouch and crouch walk, stand up, full fly and swim set, typing AO
You can add your favorite dances simply drag them into the yellow button on the top of the hud. When you touch the yellow button the AO stop to work and you can choise a dance by a menu. If you want to return to the AO select STOP, always in the dances menu.

you can open the Menu, by clicking the blue menu-button and choise the time for the stand, typing on or off.
This hud is modify and copy, you can add your own animations and modify the hud by editing the notecard inside, but be careful because you can damage it. So create a copy before edit it. See the instruction pic for more help.

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  • Classy geisha complete AO
  • Priority 3 & 4
  • 62 animations

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AO good

Publié le 29/2/2020 de Miyu Gant 4 étoiles

GOOD: nice animations, smooth movements, beautiful gestures

BAD: AO with animations alo obsolete and old, some walking animations do not look good, it seems mechanized, as if it were a robot or you were in a matrix bug xD

OBSERVATIONS: The AO itself is not bad, if you are going to use it to get animations for your Kimono or Yukata and create your own perosnal AO this is good it has many quite nice animations, but if you are going to use it as it comes, the way of walking It is going to look quite rare in some animations, but as I said if you are going to create your own AO these animations can be suppressed and use the ones that really look good, personally I recommend it anyway. n_n

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Publié le 9/7/2015 de saaya974 5 étoiles


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