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For prim or mesh doors/windows/shutters/curtains/garage doors/lids/drawers/sliding doors etc. etc.

THIS IS THE SETUP SCRIPT ONLY! You need the Runtime script as well (see the Related Products below).

Use the "See Item in Second Life" link at the bottom of this description to see the 8 examples available.


- This script is designed to work either for linked single prim doors, or for single or multiple prim doors that are not linked. It's not supported to configure a linked multiprim door to move several linked parts of the door at once, as lag may make some pieces move at different times or speeds.
- In the case of multiprim unlinked doors, movement by size change is not supported. Only the root will change size.
- In the case of linked doors, the door MUST NOT be the root prim of the object. Doing so will move the whole object and not just the door.
- This script uses the Description field of the prim to store the setup information. It will conflict with other scripts that need to work with the description of the prim.
- The permissions of the Door Handler, Access Manager and Collision Plugin must be set to either No Copy or No Transfer for next owner, before using them. It's a good idea to set them up in your inventory as soon as you receive them.


UniDoor™ is the most flexible universal door script available in Second Life. It allows to smoothly change the position, rotation and size of the prim, and also to change the transparency and texture of individual faces that you specify. You can define several states, not just open and closed but also other combinations like half-open (e.g. for barn windows), or blinds open (e.g. for texture-changing windows with blinds), or whatever your build needs.

One feature that makes it unique is that you only need to define the open and the closed positions, and the setup script will transparently calculate the pivoting point for you! You don't need to bother defining a pivot yourself. This allows very easy setup of swinging doors, garage doors and any other kind. Just adjust the door to be in the closed position and click, then to the open position and click. Then edit the notecards to suit your needs. The included notecards are good for most uses.

Sliding doors (e.g. elevator doors) are just as easy, and same for resizing doors such as curtains. Use the same script for everything! That will also alleviate memory consumption by the simulator, thanks to code reuse (if there are many copies of this script in a sim, their code is shared among all copies, and only the data is particular of each script; that's a feature of Mono).

The runtime is redistributable only with No Copy or No Transfer permissions.

If you're a full perms creator, you can also configure builds for use with UniDoor, so that your customers only need to purchase the Runtime version or use it privately. Thanks to UniDoor's versatility, your customers will only need to link your door to their build.

Of course it supports the usual features like access control, double doors (only when linked), autoclose, greet message, changeable sounds. You can also define a maximum distance for all doors to be clickable.


If you're looking for a door script that can do phantom doors, this one is NOT it.

It can also NOT do prim deformations such as changing the "hole size" of a box to open a hole. Only size, position, rotation, transparency and texture can change.

Also, it can't do linked folding doors. An unlinked folding door is possible. A linked folding doors script is in preparation as a separate product.

It can't move a door to any position other than along the path between closed and open. For example, if you need a door that can be in three arbitrary positions, that can't be done with this script, UNLESS one of the positions is somewhere in the path between closed and fully open.

It does not allow to define different texture scales, offsets or rotations. If you change texture, the scales and offsets and rotations must be the same for all textures. It also doesn't allow to change materials, glow, or full bright. The transparency change is instant; it doesn't do fade in/fade out.

See also the Important Notes above for some other limitations.


The scripts contained in this package, that are not transferable, are not intended to be redistributed.

The scripts contained in this package, that are copyable and transferable, may only be redistributed with either No Copy or No Transfer permissions.

The scripts you purchase from Sei Lisa / SeiS are licensed, not sold. With your purchase, you acquire a non-exclusive limited license that allows you to use these scripts in your creations. You are NOT allowed to redistribute any of the scripts by themselves, or with permissions other than those specified above. Doing so constitutes a violation of international copyright laws.

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  • Can move, rotate and resize prim and change transparency / texture of faces.
  • Use with single or double doors, windows, curtains, drawers, garage doors...
  • Can be copied, linked, moved and resized without reconfiguring.
  • Very easy to setup thanks to its exclusive pivot auto-detection.
  • Allows more states than just closed and open (e.g. closed, half-open, open).

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Expensive but worth it in the long run

Publié le 31/3/2020 de Ingeborg Fromund 5 étoiles

Ordinarily, I'm skeptical of any product claimimg to be "the only _____ you'll ever need"; but after including the UniDoor scripts in several builds, I agree that they work MUCH better than the 7-8 other door scripts I tried. My only major complaint: since builders need to buy the Setup and Runtiime packages together, why aren't they bundled as a single product in the first place?

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Very impressed with the work

Publié le 20/10/2016 de Zed Tremont 5 étoiles

Thank you Sei, This script reached all expectations and more. Once through the NC the setup is easy to do. Found some real nice extras, was able to link/unlink from a build and still worked perfect. Same for copying inworld.
The possibilities are almost endless + Sei has a extra script to get it working in OpenSim, this is quite unique and was absolutely missing.

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