USA Flag (Full Kit, Boxed) - Flawless Flags Version 2021.01

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Flawless Flags By Lupinia Studios is proud to present this multi-pack, containing the flag of the United States of America (USA), displayed in every available form. No need to buy multiple flags to display the same thing multiple ways, this kit has it all! The following flags are included (all use a flexi-prim flag unless otherwise specified):

- 1 outdoor flagpole, equipped with a script to toggle half-mast display (owner-controlled). Perfect for your government building, home, garden, or any other outdoor display. 2 LI

- 1 indoor flagpole, perfect for offices, conference/meeting rooms, events halls, or a stage. Approximate height is 2.9m, which should fit comfortably in any room. 2 LI

- 2 wall-mounted flags, ideal for the exterior of houses, stores, or other buildings. There are two versions of this included: One uses a flexi-prim flag like the rest of our designs, the other uses a static mesh flag if you prefer that style. 2 LI for static mesh, 3 LI for flexi.

- 1 desktop mini-flag (static mesh), perfect for desks, collection shelves, or countertops. 1 LI

- 1 handheld mini-flag, compatible with any avatar (it's an unrigged attachment). Attaches to right hand by default, but can be attached elsewhere if desired (like the mouth for animal avatars ^.^). 3 LI

If you have any issues or questions, or need assistance, please use the contact form at to send us an email, and we'll do everything we can to help you out and resolve any issues.

To see an in-world demo, or for an a la carte discount on any of the individual flags in this pack (if you don't need or want the entire set), visit our in-world store at the URL below. Flags for US states and cities, and Native American tribes, are also available at our in-world store.

If you write a review of this item, or any other Lupinia Studios product, at any time after purchase on the Marketplace, we will give you a 10% rebate on your purchase price! Doesn't matter what you say in your review (as long as it's relevant to the product and complies with the Marketplace Terms of Service), we appreciate and encourage all feedback!

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  • Multi-pack containing all 12 available displays/poles/attachments
  • Free-standing: Outdoor flagpole w/ half-mast toggle script, and stage flagpole
  • 2x wall-mounted flagpoles, 2x wall-hanging banners, and desktop mini-flag
  • Wearable: Handheld mini-flag, and shoulder-draped folded flags
  • Much more included, see full description for details!

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Wall Mesh flag great... others, meh
full star full star full star empty star empty star Publié le 20/1/2021 de Jarom Cooperstone

I got this pack to decorate for a US Presidential Inauguration party. Was really excited that it included various versions of the flag that I could display. The mesh wall-mount flag is beautiful and looks stunning. I have several copies up around my venue, and I am very pleased. However, TBH, the flex-prim flags look pretty old-technology and sad. Both the stage and outdoor flags are flex-prim, and I understand why (so they can flutter with the breeze), but they just aren't doing it for me. No problem. Just a preference thing. However, I am a little disappointed with the Vertical Banner flag--it is oriented incorrectly! The proper way to display the US Flag when hung on a wall vertically is to display the blue star panel in the upper-left corner. Check for reference. You can't just rotate the object around the Z axis to fix it either because it is oriented incorrectly on both sides. You have to edit the texture and change the Vertical scale to 1.0 (from the default -1.0). TBH, L$499 is pretty expensive for a 12 flag fatpack in which I only found one flag to be useable. But I'm picky. Others may find the fatpack to be exactly what they are looking for.

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