[VALR] Snips V2 Glowbat (Add to unpack)

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These items are designed for RP purpose and are not compatible with any SL metered combat.

HUD Controls:
Power button activates / deactivates device (when active VALR logo will appear above)
[active items that are detached will remain active when re-attached, or persist through a re-log, this is intentional]

Clicking the core, effect or shroud button will show the color swatch allowing the choice of a preset color to be applied to that piece.
[custom coloring is only available through manual editing of the item, note while the custom color will persist through use, custom glow colors will not]

Multiple blade effects can be selected, tho only 1 usable at a time, color will again produce the preset color swatch to be applied to the effect.
[as before custom colors can be achieved through manual editing]

There are several preset sounds that can be switched between to better match the presence you wish to achieve.
[at this time there is no means of allowing custom noises]

When the device is active, touching the device being wielded will bring up a list of all available animations.
This list is auto-populated, as such adding more animations directly into the contents of the device will instantly make them available to select via them menu.




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Vendu par : Kjosa
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