Fishing Kit Version 2.6

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When the item is delivered, look for them in your received folder in inventory.

You need to wear the and HUD.

Follow the following [] lands page to find a list of available fishing spots and running events.

Click one of the lands and it will offer to teleport you to that location.

When you are at the fishing location, find the buoy. You will have to stay close (20 meters) to the buoy or you will not be able to fish.

Once close to the buoy, click the [Hook] button on your HUD and wait until you have caught a fish.

The HUD will update and local chat will indicate when you have caught a fish.

After fishing, if you have reached L$1 or more, you can withdraw your earnings by clicking the [Mini buoy Icon] and [Withdraw] button on your HUD.



Virtual Fishing is free to play. Fishing kit (rod + HUD) is free.

Virtual Fishing

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  • Virtual Fishing Kit
  • Earn Lindens
  • Free Fishing
  • Earn L$
  • Traffic Game

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The most handy fishing

Publié le 8/10/2014 de Devmon 5 étoiles

From 4 fishings I've tried virtual fishing the most comfortable. The main advantage of this handy and useful HUD. It allows me to manage the fishing rod and make instant withdrawals, no matter where I was. Price and time to catch small. I highly recommend. Now it is my main fishing.

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Relax, Enjoy, Simple

Publié le 3/10/2014 de KriJon 4 étoiles

I like fishing. I find VF to be relaxing. People are nice. If you buy green worms you always come out ahead. I like casting from the HUD too, that's nice. I know many of the people who fish, and if you're a halfway nice person, you'll probably get to know them too. Just say "Hi" and don't be to worried if they don't reply, the cast results might have scrolled at the same time. You'll make some friends over time.

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