Fishing Kit Version 2.6

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When the item is delivered, look for them in your received folder in inventory.

You need to wear the and HUD.

Follow the following [] lands page to find a list of available fishing spots and running events.

Click one of the lands and it will offer to teleport you to that location.

When you are at the fishing location, find the buoy. You will have to stay close (20 meters) to the buoy or you will not be able to fish.

Once close to the buoy, click the [Hook] button on your HUD and wait until you have caught a fish.

The HUD will update and local chat will indicate when you have caught a fish.

After fishing, if you have reached L$1 or more, you can withdraw your earnings by clicking the [Mini buoy Icon] and [Withdraw] button on your HUD.



Virtual Fishing is free to play. Fishing kit (rod + HUD) is free.

Virtual Fishing

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  • Virtual Fishing Kit
  • Earn Lindens
  • Free Fishing
  • Earn L$
  • Traffic Game

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I love it

Publié le 10/2/2016 de StellaDAurmond 5 étoiles

I enjoy the game and I love the HUD, so easy to cast your rod and so easy to cash out your winnings. and the start up cost is virtually nothing, I bought $100L worth of small worms, which is approx 1100 worms, I had made my money back and still had like 900 and some odd worms left. so very cool I think. I read you can even fish without worms, so technically you could get started with 0L!

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The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY

Publié le 23/8/2015 de Jillian Moorlord 3 étoiles

Like other fishing systems Virtual Fishing comes with a HUD. However, this HUD allows the fisher to cast from their HUD. This is particularly useful in laggy sims which there are plenty of in SL and in VF.

Like others have said in reviews, you can cash out simply by clicking a button on the HUD. That was an ingenious added feature and in that way it differs from FH, MF and the new SF system. Not having to visit an ATM is HUGE. Kudos for that VF. You can also change the color of your rod, select and switch between baits and teleport to a new fishing spot all from the HUD.

The BAD:
Like every fishing system in SL VF has it's negatives too. The system seems weaker in the sense that it errors out easily if more than 20 people are in a sim fishing. The other fishing systems, LGH FH and MF can handle a heavier load of fishers before the enivatble "You are more than 20m from the buoy" message appears. VF seems to break more easily. When it does just keep fishing through the errors and eventually you will land a fishy.

The HUD's random location won't give you more than one option to fish at despite repeated clicks, so if you've already fished where it's trying to send you then you must resort to the webpage links. It also doesn't show you multiplier events which is a real downside to their HUD.

Earning Potential--VF has the worst earning potential of any fish system, meaning that you will earn less on average than either LGH or MF. About $4-5L less per buoy.

The UGLY--Only way to make $ is by fishing Multiplier events, unfortunately only a few avs can get in & it's stressful at times. The stress is compounded by the group, which unfortunately is mostly rude. Questions or help requests are treated as a nuisance & unwelcomed. Some are trying to change that so kudos to them.

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