Visitor Welcome Board - VWB-210 Version 3.0

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The VWB has every option you need for welcoming visitors, like sending automatic invites, welcome messages, landmark or showing a menu.
It also features the ability to send the owner lists each day to E-mail, with a visitor list and statistics about visitor counts, SL resident stats and clickies on the board.
All in a neat design, complimented with an optional stand, and with many cosmetic options as you are used to with the SHX product line.

SHX - VWB - Visitor Welcome Board - Features
- Group join invitation when a visitor arrives (optional)
- Group join at touch board
- Smartbots compatible (to get automatic invitations)
- Show a menu to a visitor with Info, landmark or group join (optional)
- Menu in all 15 languages!
- Welcome message in IM at arrival visitor (optional)
- Landmark giver at arrival visitor (optional)
- Can give out a notecard on demand (from the menu), you have an option to translate and give it out specifically to all 15 languages
- Can send statistics to E-mail everyday
- Stores up to 250 visitors
- Can send a list of visitors to E-mail everyday (in CSV format with datetimestamp)
- Language statistics (see where your visitors come from!)
- Optionally clears visitor list at midnight
- Can show visitor list via menu
- Sensor range selectable in menu
- 15 selectable font types
- 15 selectable color themes (and 1 custom)
- Access for group/owner or modifiable manager list
- Visible visitor counter
- Visible total visitor counter
- Visible new residents in Second Life counter
- Visible residents online in Second Life counter
- Shows last visitor name and profile image
- Automatic group image retrieval
- Automatic group ID setup
- Low scriptlag, uses minimal resources
- Auto update function

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Not working...

Publié le 14/7/2014 de FL0 Cale 1 étoile

For some reason this isnt working with the Smartbots anymore. It always shows up the message "Group invite FAILED (group is not registered or expired). Please go to and register."

...despite the group being registered and a smartbot subscription was paid aswell. I think it hasnt been working for weeks already. We only recently discovered it wasnt our fault when we tried to switch the boards.

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Very nice !

Publié le 15/11/2012 de SjetsGirl Mayako 5 étoiles

I set up my club with everything from this seller...Shoutcast board, contest board, animated display, networked tip jars, staff board, everything is excellent quality, and the website that is set up is amazing when you need help with anything. You get what you pay for with SHX, i am very happy i chose them to outfit my club !

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