Visual Magick // Young Dragon Head DEMO (Box)

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The demo may not be able to show everything but at least you can see the shape.

UPDATE 07/29/2018:

Rerigged the head! It now works with the HUD for your cheeks, eyebrows and nose (the animations I originally made were overriding anything you selected in the HUD so I also remade the animations.) The tongue and mouth are also tintable, and I have included a tintable texture in the box for you to use with your head. It will still respond to appliers so make sure to use your applier first, then add the texture. :)


This head requires the Snokra Snake avatar:

It also requires some modding knowledge to use it properly. You will need to know how to unlink/link and edit the contents of the avatar. Detailed instructions are included to add the head to the avatar.

The cheeks, eyebrows and lips are not rigged. It was distorting the face a lot when you would talk or change expressions. So, the expressions will not change for those, but the nose is rigged and the tongue does animate when you add in the custom animations.

There are going to be seams around the areas where the head connects. This is going to remain this way until the avatar is 1.0 and the normals are fixed on the avatar in blender. I will update it at that point.


This head has quite a few features. It has linked mesh horns, custom teeth, cel shading included to match previous mods, tongue animations to replace the existing snokra animations (If you have the elder dragon, these are not the same, you will need to replace them again.), linked eyelashes and mouth membranes on the sides which are tintable or texturable to match your skin. This mod works with appliers and the HUD as long as you have it linked to the body.




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