[WAZ] Integrated Tactical Pants (Fatpack) BOXED [Add/Rezz] Version 4

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Wazzer Works presents

[Integrated Tactical Pants]


- Available in 5 colors. (Black, Grey, Navy, Khaki & Olive) & 5 Camo Patterns (Multicamo, Multicamo Desert, Winter Camo, Woodland & Black Ops camo). Plain pack includes all 5 plain colors, Camo Pack includes all Camo patterns.

- Includes togglable Knee Pads (on/off) with 6 colors included
in every pack.
- IncludesTuck/Untuck feature for use with Waz Duty Boots via HUD.

Compatible with
- Integrated Tactical Knee Pads (Released Jan 2020 @ TMD,
Available on MP starting in Feb 2020)
- WDB Waz Duty Boots
- Tactical Range Belt (v5)

Designed for Signature Geralt, Gianni, Belleza Jake, Legacy Male mesh bodies.

Always try the demo before purchase.

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wazzerworks/?
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wazzerworks/


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We often update our products, be sure to check the latest version or request redeliveries for fixes, new item support and more.

Drop Waterfall Farshore a NC inworld.



  • Includes all Plain and Camo patterns in one pack.

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Amended rating

Publié le 20/7/2020 de Murs Slingshot 3 étoiles

I amended the rating to my review, and increased the rating, after a response by the creator where he gave some options. But not all listed by the creator actually worked, sadly not the one I would have wanted the most:


I bought it knowing that it would not be versatile, I bought it seeing the price and feeling it is not worth it. If it wasn't fort the fact that it is the only option.

As it was the only option, I bought it, that being said for such a price I still would want more, and that is why there is the low rating.

I think if ever an update was done to this, where the pants is moved a bit lower, rigged more around the waist, and it would be possible to wear it with 90% of my upper body wardrobe, I am especially looking for a good looking tank top to wear it with on the Legacy Male Body

Original review:
I checked about 30 T-Shirts/Tanktops today to see if I can make them work.

I needed this kind of pants, and it was the only option, so I bought them, ultimately they are way too pricey, for the missing versatility of combining with other things, even of the same store, they offer.

That being said, the pants look amazing the mesh work is great the rigging fits.

I wish for that price though that there would be more waist options to allow a greater range of t-shirts to fit with those pants.

Literally the only thing that I own, that fits is the top that was made for it, which is sad.
Well possible some jackets will work with it, but if the intent is to wear it in warmer climated sims you are stuck.

In the future I hope for releases of this price to be something that can be combined with more clothing out there.

Response made by creator to original review


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Totally awesome!

Publié le 20/2/2020 de NoahTruth 5 étoiles

I love these pants. The boot toggle option is great. The Duty Boots work perfectly with these pants. The toggle for the knee pads are another great option. The Tactical Belt works great with them as well. I wish the Tactical Undershirt worked perfectly with them but unfortunately there is some slight clipping where the shirt meets the pants and some of it goes over the pants instead of under. However, the description never indicated that they were supposed to be comparable so I'm not withholding stars for that. The pants work as described and look incredibly awesome!

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