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This is a tiny full-mesh fairy avatar which is about 1/3 of regular size avatar.

Petite 3 comes with Bento head & hands, make-up & clothing layer, all Omega ready out of box!

for outfit etc. please visit

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  • mesh avatar
  • petite
  • omega

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Plenty of nice features

Publié le 22/8/2019 de Caelan Whimsy 4 étoiles

I've been using the original Yabusaka petite for a long time and was excited to try this updated one. I like that it's Omega-ready out of the box, and the makeup and nail appliers I use for my full-size av work for this too. I didn't try it with a skin because I don't have an Omega skin, so can't comment on that. Also, the clothing meshes for the original avatar work for the Petite 3.

My only gripe is that shape sliders don't seem to affect the body. I would have liked to make it less curvy, but no such luck. Also, the face isn't as pretty as it looks in the picture, at least not without the same lighting and camera angle.

In the end, this is a nicely made avatar with some great features. I'm rather attached to my petite's original look though, so I'm not sure if I'll get the full version Petite 3 or not.

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zero face customization

Publié le 24/6/2019 de Aphea Nova 1 étoile

So most bento heads you can control the sliders to change the face some what, this avatar you cannot. All that seems to be bento is the hands (maybe the mouth but I couldnt get it to work) The face is ugly and not being able to change it is annoying. Cannot adjust chest size, the av is pretty much the same as the old ones just with a TINY bit of bento features. There is zero support as the creator doesnt seem interested in releasing further petites which is a shame as the first 2 female versions were nice even without the bento.

I'd like to see a full liquid mesh rig of the petite so we could customize them more, maybe using the original 2 heads. Maybe a twink version with a small or flat chest for fembois. It'll never happen but yeah.

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