[agu] Large Industrial Skybox Version 3

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Simple industrial styled full mesh skybox. Has a useable area of 29.7 meters by 14.5 meters. Includes full material support, and only has a land impact of 18 prims! Best viewed with Advanced lighting enabled and a dark sky setting. Please feel free to send me a message if something is wrong with your copy of the product.



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Very impressive product

Publié le 15/8/2015 de pookypookster 5 étoiles

This is a highly realistic low prim skybox. Textures are amazing. Very good work, thanks!

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Love it!

Publié le 14/9/2014 de Else Barnard 5 étoiles

This is a *great* build: low cost, low LI, looks fantastic—no cheesy graffiti, thank you!—and easily modified for those of us that can't stand to leave anything untweaked. ;)

I would *love* to see more—and bigger!—industrial buildings from Agu, especially in "ground level" versions. If this thing had an exterior, I'd waste no time using it in our sims. More please! :D

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