big striker carnival game ( blue )

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I have here for your consideration, A BIG STRIKER CARNIVAL GAME.. This game is full of neat sounds and animations.Everything you will need to keep your costomers entertained. It has game playing sounds and animations. upon touch it gives a mallet and the winner gets a prize. When you hit the bell a poof of words saying winner ploom out from the top. has disapearing mallet when game is being played .in the chat is says many differnt things upon how good you play . lame , big boy, to name a few. its a great addition to any carnival/fair/themepark sim.its only 8 prims and modifiable (This game is in blue.)



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it was empty

Publié le 26/4/2019 de LiLiCoP 1 étoile

my package was empty, only a couple of scripts, that is it

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Pretty good Rated B

Publié le 3/10/2012 de dealakavl 4 étoiles

There are things that are done well and a few things that need a little work. I don't imagine they will though given the price is decent. The feel of this game is good, it might be a little aggravating to win but it is possible.

Things I'd like to see changed;
1.) Smoother animation - looks like you're about to fall over, even for big guys (how heavy is that hammer)
2.) It would be nice if there was a setting to decide on frequency of wins or different hammers based on avatar height to determine chance of winning.
3.) Better variety of 'results' getting the same one over and over again is frustrating and makes you wonder if it's working.

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