krankhaus - Kemono Goth Skinnies

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Hey there. These aren't an official Utilizator product, so please contact krankhaus with any inquiries you may have about the product.

As you can see in the pictures, they're a pair of pants. All patterns but the full camo have materials enabled to look like leather. You aren't missing much if you can't see the materials, though, so don't sweat it.

I hope you like these!



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Honestly really displeased with these.

Publié le 10/5/2018 de AlexR05e 2 étoiles

The pants are far too low. Can easily see NSFW part above the pantline. Shame as nice pants for Kemono are somewhat of a hard find for the price and design. I also am not a fan of the styles as they are all asymmetrical. Although it is moddable and can make a basic colored pant with the included texture..

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Eh. Alright

Publié le 24/11/2016 de MrSleepyBug 4 étoiles

I'm in love with the look, but it was WAY to low. It's kind of hard to find actual skinny jeans that don't show any of your crack :| Oh well. Still looks rad.

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