(r)M, Pyrus Studio

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( r e d ) M i n t ⥁ P r e f a b s
1 0 0 % N a t u r a l

Ideal as a skybox or as a fantasy house rezzed to the ground.
High Quality Architecture!!
An elegant fantasy building, original content by redMint.

PRIM COUNT: 23-154-272 prims
DEMO: See in-world ( )


⥁ What's included
⥤ Skybox Studio (154 prims)
⥤ Studio with Pear exterior skin, can be rezzed to the ground (272 prims)
⥤ Pear House, land Decor (23 prims), can be easily resized

⥁ Features
⥤ Rezzer Control (easy to rez, rotate and move)
⥤ Zero script lag
⥤ Low texture lag

⥁ Permissions
⥤ Copy, Modify, Transfer

For more information please visit:

This product is mesh and can be rescaled.
The structure is being sold as displayed in-world.

LOST, MISSING or FAILED Transactions?
Please send a notecard (your avatar Name, transaction ID) within 7days of purchase to receive Replacement!
NO refunds or Exchanges unless the same item is purchased twice!

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  • Skybox
  • Fantasy House

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Makes a lovely little cafe!

Publié le 11/3/2019 de Gjools Starsider 5 étoiles

This petite house is very sweet! The option to tp or walk the stairs is helpful. Personally, I like to tp Up and walk Down. I rezzed this underwater and put fish outside the windows. It really is nice. Wish there were more builds to go with it!

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Publié le 24/1/2017 de ZYNTHEA 5 étoiles

highly detailed inside and out. perfect for a small area. love it

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