[satus Inc] Performance Saxophone

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[satus Inc] Performance Saxophone

Performance saxophone is a wearable musical instrument. You can use this to perform in public, on stage, or at a club. 100% Material Enabled Mesh - saxophone animation included - sound included with sound switch on/off - Resizer built-in with menu security.

**Note: to see the shininess of the saxophone and the material setting, you will need to have Advanced Lightning Model enabled in your viewer's graphics setting.

[▪ ▫ FEATURES ▫ ▪]
1. 100% Material Enabled Mesh
2. Saxophone animation included
3. Saxophone sound effect with sound switch on/off
4. Resizer built-in with menu security

1. [satus Inc] Performance Saxophone [female] [wear] ~ 4 LI / Prim each
2. [satus Inc] Performance Saxophone [male] [wear] ~ 5 LI / Prim each
3. Instruction Notecard
4. Landmarks

No Modify - Copy - No Transfer

[▪ ▫ HOW TO USE? ▫ ▪]
* How to use the saxophone?
Wear or add the saxophone to you avatar. You avatar will start playing the saxophone. The saxophone by default will attach to your chest. Please feel free to resize and / or reposition the saxophone correctly.

** Note: you may need to turn off your AO while you use the saxophone because AO animations may override saxophone animation.

*How to use saxophone as decor item?
Rez it on the floor

* How to resize saxophone?
Click on saxophone and choose a percentage to increase or decrease its size. You can also restore it to the original size with RESTORE option.

*How to turn on off sound?
When you wear the saxophone, it will activate sound automatically. To tun on/off sound, please click on the saxophone then click on SOUND. Please wait a few seconds before the sound can be completely on or off.

*How to set menu security?
By default, menu security was set to owner only. You can set to anyone mode or switch back to Owner Mode by clicking on Saxophone then choose SECURITY. Look for confirmation message in public chat.


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[satus Inc]

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  • 100% Material Enabled Mesh
  • Saxophone animation included
  • Saxophone sound effect with sound switch on/off
  • Resizer built-in with menu security


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