PRECAST Inc. --- Professional Prefabs since 2011
PRECAST Inc. --- Professional Prefabs since 2011
Vendu par : Sterni Shan
Date d'inscription: 17/5/2007

We have made it our mission to build High-quality things for you.
We are proud to say we are one of the construction team with the largest selection of designs and sizes. Our team exists since the beginning of 2011 and we are still grown with our tasks. Your wish is our command :-)

Fast building, custom works and help services are our strength.
Even if we are not online, we always do our best to help as fast as we can.

Our construction areas:
Home - Mall - Combination - Mainstore - Club - Equipment - Fashion

Our build sizes:
If desired, everything ;-)

Owner & Creator: Sterni Shan
Owner & Creator: Lil Cristole

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Store Police

We guarantee no refund with not copyable or non-matching objects. Please make sure the objekt you want to buy fits on your land.
If your are unsure, please contact our Supprt or buy our Landsize-Check for free.

Thanks and nice shopping.

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