~DsR~ |&| {Elementals}
~DsR~ |&| {Elementals}
Vendu par : Secret Shuffle
Date d'inscription: 20/11/2009

~DsR~ Specializes in RLV, BDSM Adult Furniture with Low Land Impact!

{Elementals} is all about Prefabs, Decor, PG Furniture & More, specializing in Low Land Impact!

## I love what I do and enjoy seeing others do the same ##


Some Things to note:

1) If you have any questions or problems please send an IM to Secret Shuffle. I always try to help.

2) If you didn't get a purchase please visit the InWorld shop and have it redelivered. Or use the new Marketplace redelivery service.

3) Accidental double purchase? IM Secret Shuffle with some purchase information so I can help

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