Aeva // Heartsick
Aeva // Heartsick
Vendu par : Amesha Jewell
Date d'inscription: 11/4/2007

Aeva // Heartsick is owned by Amesha Jewell

All skins prior to March 2014 are found here in the marketplace.

In March 2014 Aeva underwent a brand name change to Lumae and Amesha started creating on a new avatar called Lumiya Rae.


Any items undelievered will be redelivered or a refund will be given.

Please contact Amesha Jewell via notecard IN WORLD with your transaction details so I can investigate and verify your purchase before initiating redelivery / refunds.

Any communication by any other means does not guarentee that I will get your message, so please PLEASE contact me inside SL itself.

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