Set to Stun
Set to Stun
Vendu par : Loki Christensen
Date d'inscription: 25/12/2005

I make items as they occur to me make them, and generally they are things that I want to have in-world for myself. You can tell a lot about my personality from the store content – huge SciFi and Superhero nerd, for example. :-D

For the moment, there is no in-world store.


I log into Second Life just about every day, and will address issues in IMs promptly. Conversely, I check my email only a couple of times a month (my bad, I know), so I will not see a Marketplace Review for possibly a couple of weeks. Short version: if you have an issue, contact me directly – you've got a much better chance of having the issue resolved or being given a refund.

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