Totally Random
Totally Random
Vendu par : Noveen Benoir
Date d'inscription: 20/2/2008

We Dress them from Morning to Night. Sexy Lingerie
Underwear for him with a sculpted crotch.
The Logo is Be Unique..Be..You..Be Totally Random..When I tell someone to “BE UNIQUE” I mean don’t just buy what you think is in mix and match and wear a pair of funky shoes. Find your look“BE YOU” is well, self explanatory. Don’t fit in that “box”. Don’t wear this because it’s “in”. Because just like rl, everyone is different. (In SL) different shapes (are) easy to change “BE TOTALLY RANDOM”,means to mix get a little crazy. Fashion should be fun. It should be crazy. It should Be Unique


They don't give you much room our faqs and policy are in each package...

Be Unique
BE Totally Random

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