Plausible Body - Skins Clothing Shapes Shoes and more
Plausible Body - Skins Clothing Shapes Shoes and more
Vendu par : Roslynd Turbo
Date d'inscription: 6/9/2008

We believe that you should be able to have good quality, realistic looking items for reasonable prices. That is what we strive to provide. Many items are open:priced, we have free starter packages for new avatars, and if you do have questions - we'll try our best to help out.

SL should be fun - hopefully, in our small way, we'll help you enjoy it more.


No refunds on priced items.

Many items available for "open::price" Think of it like Shareware for SL Items:

How It works:
open::price lets you choose what something is worth to you. First, but the item for L$0 try it out, see if you like it and then make a payment if you do.

It takes me some time to create these items and costs money every time I upload a texture. If you like the item an

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