Vendu par : Kimberly Flagon
Date d'inscription: 24/3/2009

KIM founded in May, 2009,High Quality Women Fashion Brand in Second Life™.
Since 2009, KIM appreciate your support as you continue with our fashion brand in Second Life.
Customer satisfaction is always our priority .We hope you satisfied from your purchase
if you want to follow us in many ways more;
You can join KIM Update Group.
There are some of the privileges of members of the group.
Like; Sales, Gifts or to follow up on all kinds of innovations about KIM:
KIM In World Group


1)All KIM Designs No Mod/Copy/No Transfer.
2)KIM cannot do any design custom.
3)Not possible to refunds or exchanges. No Transfer items ; not provide it.
4)About ınventory loss; is beyond our responsibility.

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