Urban Style Designs
Urban Style Designs
Vendu par : Currante Popstar
Date d'inscription: 30/10/2009

Urban Style Designs team is composed by a RL graphic designer who have been creating since 2007 specialized in building and decorating corporative and private sims prim by prim and a programmer who loves "make things do things".
Today, Urban Style Designs is one of the biggest and most known corporations inside second life. How? offering the best you can find at an affordable price.


Do it the best we can.

Hear our customers, talk to them by our customer group to know what they want or need.

Fix their problems as soon as possible.

Maintain our prices in an affordable level.

We will NOT redeliver "transfer / no copy " items, if you didnt recieved it please submit a ticket to linden lab.

NO refunds under any circumstances.

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