Outrage Outfitters
Outrage Outfitters
Vendu par : Real Rage
Date d'inscription: 26/2/2010

Hello There... So i bet you are wondering why everything is so cheap right?

Well its because I'm cheap lol... but no seriously i don't think that people should pay 250L for an outfit.

I guarantee everything that will ever be in my store will always be under 100L.

I do take my time with designs so they will be of great quality.

Please leave reviews! I really appreciate them.

As always thank you for shopping at Outrage Outfitters where we pride ourselves on great quality designs at, you guessed it, outrageously low prices!!!


If you have problems with delivery, please let me know by sending me an IM and/or Notecard. :)

*Please don't write that you didn't receive something under the reviews/ratings because i might not see it right away.*

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