Vendu par : FloraClayflower Beeswing
Date d'inscription: 22/11/2008

Inflorescence is an extension of FloraClayflower's photography. It is an occasional, just-for-fun venture and therefore a small store. The poses are made with care and with as little overlapping arms, legs, feet etc. as possible for an average sized avatar.

There are some recent changes:

I have just opened a small shop InWorld which means DEMO versions are no longer available here. Please visit Inflorescence InWorld to try out the poses :) Single poses will also be slightly cheaper there.

• current poses are for either female or for both genders
• new poses will be coming up and can be first viewed at:

more to come soon and some freebies also on the way.

i hope you will enjoy my poses ❤


all poses are copy, no transfer, no mod

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