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- precision shape, no flickering or broken angles;
- LOD friendly, no distortion at distance;
- ANY regular texture compatible, uses multiface meshes;
- may uses various ways, have physics;

Thank you for yours carefully reading notecard and yours personal license of using.
This is NOT FINAL PRODUCT, It is just 3D model (shape), This is MESH item for builders. .

Package includes:
- 1 (modify/copy/transfer) full perm water illusion mesh*;
- read me;
- bonus 1 (modify/copy/transfer) full perm water texture 512x512;
- bonus 2 (modify/copy/NO transfer) water animation scripts;

There are another shapes of material water illusion.
Half circle:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/066-LI-full-perm-mesh-Water-Illusion-Half-Circle-w-Animated-Material-Water-for-skyboxesfountainspools-any-texture/6147594
and simplified circle: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/06-LI-full-perm-mesh-Water-illusion-Hexagon-w-Animated-Material-Water-for-skyboxesfountainspools-any-texture/6145388

This is pretty simple item.Water illusion prim. It has material effect that make it looks very close to ground Linden's water, well better to say, it even uses Linden's original water materials but unlike Linden's water this can be adjusted like any prim in SL. No need additional interface, and can be placed anywhere.
It does not detects as Linden's water by scripts of cours, but it is not a problem to make ship or other object behave like it would be. It is property of yours ship script that will detect specific name that you named yours water prim as water.
And unlike Linden's water while you have 8 separate faces to texture you may add for example Lily plants at the top surface and make it look like swamp prim, or dirty trash object, make it look like poluted water, or can add waves textures at the top surfaces.

And it is low prim. 0.5LI means 2 linked will cost only 1 prim from yours land even at biggest size 64x64x64 both.
Water smooth animated and have sound, that you can on/off by included scripts.

If you want to look at it alive just visit my inworld park. All water (exclude ground of course where original Lindens' water) uses the same idea just in different shapes and using different textures.

This item compatible with ANY regular texture you have in inventory, no need special premade ones. All adjustments to make illusion of water made by me, but of course you can do own modification.

Water Illusion prim comes already textured (as bonus I placed a full perm texture inside package) animated, and ready to use.

For animation*** as bonus you can find inside package two scripts. One is for switching animation and background water sound on, another is for switching both off. Scripts not requires to stay inside, Needless so can be removed once applied to object. No transfer on script, but modify and copy. Main idea of it to remind you remove it, Second Life prims has so named "prim memory" where some placed there with scripts, be kept without scripts.

How to:
Rez an item.

If you need adjusting, alls to you. Change rotation, repeats of each faces, adjust script, copy paste code of script in to new script if you need distribute script to another person.
You need to have basic building skills working with separate faces on regular prims.
You need to have a skill of moving camera (Alt+Left mouse+moving=rotation, Alt+Wheel Mouse=zoom-in/out) to achieve texturing faces as there are one under another.

- Creator name (Silk Aeon) you CANNOT change at MESH. It is how any MESH item works in SL. There are only way to change creator name for yours product is to create prim and link this mesh to prim (prim must be root of course). This way object will have yours name as creator so yours customers can contact you instead of me.
** If you link this mesh or add script to it, number of prims taken from land (LI) CAN decrease/increase. This is how SL works. But it will stay 0.5LI up to 64x64x64
- You cannot export model using this mesh to yours HDD, this is how SL works.
*** For a pity by default SL limits you cannot set animations for a chosen number of faces. You can animate or only one face, or all faces.

You personal license allows:
- use MESH in own creations for own use and selling to end-user item with no copy OR no transfer permissions only (to set or not modify is yours choice);
- to sell with price no less then 25% of full perm item price you purchased it;
- keep in 1(one) of yours alts as backup only.

You not allowed;
- To resell/gift/give away full perm even as a part of building;
- To resell/gift/give away with copy AND transfer permission (you need to block OR copy OR transfer permission);
- To transfer through grids and use outside Secondlife.

Wish you nice buildings.
NEKKA (Silk Aeon).



  • - precision shape, no flickering or broken angles;
  • - LOD friendly, no distortion at distance;
  • - ANY regular texture compatible, uses multiface meshes;
  • - may uses various ways, have physics;

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Can't say enough great things about this water texture!!

掲載済み 2020/06/17 : Glimmer Evermore 5 星

I never expected to find such fabulous quality for L$50!! Thank you so much Silk for a wonderful product that is exactly as described :)

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aww can't give 10 stars this water is worth 10 stars

掲載済み 2020/06/02 : Poetic Enchantment 5 星

low land impact, looks great easy to use looks real and it's animtated great work!

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  • 4.98 星 レビュー (44)

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