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Hi there,

Ready to use!

This is about an editable* animations player script, via drop-down menu changer. And another script to stop those animations.

As easy as can be.

Editable Fullperm HUD with 2 Editables Scripts.
Gift More than 150 Fullperm SL Dances - All meeting and separate in 12 Boxes.

* Editable means that you can open, edit and put your own animations. If you have basic knowledge about scripting, you can also adjust the parameters. Otherwise, you can use it as it is and just putting your animations inside.

Scripts: place inside the player; dances or animations you want.
Dress him and start enjoying!


HUD(meaning it is wearable) has 2 buttons, one of them contains the Dances and the other stops them.
In the dance button, when you touch it, this gives a drop down menu. With a list of all the Dances it contains.

There you can choose the Dance you want. And ready. You'll be dancing.

The HUD is Fullperm, so you can create a custom design or use it as it is.
And give it or sell it at your Dance Club, so guests will not have to run behind a Dance Ball. Each will have a copy of it.

At the same time, if you decide to customize it, visitors also will take with them a nice present, and the best part...

... with your Dance Club advertising.

"Please remember to set as not copyable and not modifiable, the HUD to distribute yourself. So the new owners keep your advertising."

Enjoy it!

Alota ♥



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Doesn't Work

掲載済み 2014/07/14 : Shirosola 1 星

I followed the directions completely and it refused to load more than two pages of dances.

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掲載済み 2012/08/05 : Liveable Kristan 5 星

This is so worth the money I am happy I found it.
Awesome job.

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