4 seater Winter Sled + Adjustable Rezzer

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Please don't unpack the object you receive, because this is the actual rezzer. Just place it on the ground, lift it just a bit, and it's ready to be touched.

★ Please note:
★ The rezzer is Copy / Modifiy.
★ The sled is Copy only.
★ This item may not be suitable for tiny or petite avatars.
★ An additional snow covered wintery wooden sign style rezzer included

This sled or (sled, sleigh) is really fun. The standard rezzer has 1 prim, the optional sculpted wooden rezzer has 2 prims, and the sled has 5 prims. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE HILLS.

Rezzer features:
★ Rezzes a sled upon touch or automatically in Auto Rez Mode
★ Will check if a sled is nearby to avoid pile clutter.
★ Allows to adjust the rez position and rotation in a very easy way.

Sledge features:
★ When rezzed from the rezzer, will allow anybody to ride.
★ Cleans up after automatically after being used.
★ Carries 4 avatars.
★ Custom animations for all 4 avatars.
★ Extra curve animations and snow spray effects.
★ Extra animations for jumps.
★ 5 different speeds.
★ Ride down AND up hills.
★ Very responsive.

Please note that this sled's prime focus is the FUN factor. If you want a sled that can only slide down a slope or hill just like in real *yawn*, then don't buy this one, it may be too exciting for your nerves.

Please see the video link as we no longer have a region to display, or contact me for a demonstration.

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  • Sled carries up to 4 avatars
  • Variable speeds
  • Custom animations
  • Comes with rezzer for public use
  • Very responsive

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掲載済み 2011/11/27 : KaraLily Adored 5 星

We happened upon this gem on a friend's store sim...and simply had to have it. Fortunately, we found it easily here.
It has several speeds and the animations & sounds are priceless.
Great for friends and for families.
The temporary rez is nice, too..so you don't have to worry about excess prims around your sim due to lost sleds.
Be sure to NOT throw away the box it comes it...as it is the rezzer. (learned the hardway)
Fortunately, the creator was kind enough to help me through it and resend the product so I could enjoy it.

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Fun fun fun like the Beach Boys... except it's for the snow

掲載済み 2010/11/23 : Torley Linden 5 星

Second Life products I enjoy not only combine various features for a powerful punch, they also exhibit a high vector of FUN! This sled is a great example: seconds after I bought it from the Marketplace, I had it rezzed and my wife and I hopped on, accelerating and sailing off of ice-hills. She was driving while I took snapshots because, let's face it, you want to remember moments like this.

Of particular awesomeness happens to be the particle effects, the animations (an improvement over "stay in one pose for the whole ride), including the "OMG KICK TO THE LEFT... RIGHT... NO... LEFT!" when doing turns, and the "Yahoooooooo!" sound that erupts after a particularly exhilarating rush. The ongoing ambient SHSHSHSHHHHHHHHHHH snow-slush sound adds to the experience, of course. And very thoughtful is the improved rezzer, which makes it easy for visitors to come and enjoy your winter (or other, I'd like to see someone set this up in an incongruent environment) festivities. Someone should set a record and pack a whole resort full of these, maybe adapt it into a game akin to bumper cars. The chase is the thrill, people!

If I had a suggestion, it'd be that the animations be tweened so that they're still responsive but appear smoother/less jerky — I didn't know I could kick my legs out so fast. At the same time, the hyperbolic feel (along with the sound) may be what's called for in moments o' hilarity.

With four people all onboard, the reactions are LOLful, good gosh: http://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/5199031191/

Thanks also to PixelProphet Lane for answering my questions and sending me an upgrade.

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Pixel's All Sorts
販売元: PixelProphet Lane

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

  • 4.88 星 レビュー (24)

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