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NOTE: Only the HUD body is modifiable, not the scripts, so that animations can be added by you

The CheerMaster Version 3 HUD is a lag-proven synchronized dance and cheer animation, automatic formation and stunt/pyramid system. It is a fantastic, top of the line cheerleading and dance system for one person or for entire professional cheerleading squads and supports as many cheerleaders as your sim can hold (one HUD per avatar required to participate).

This listing includes a single item affiliate vendor that you can place in your locker-room to sell the CheerMaster V3 HUD and get 20% commission on every sale!

▪ 375 Synchronized Cheerleading Animations, Motions and Dances
▪ 18 Automatic Stunts, Pyramids and Formations
▪ 5 Quick Touch Animation and Formation Groups for Complex Performances
▪ Multi-Color Fireworks System
▪ Ripple/Wave Effect for Animations and Fireworks
▪ Audible Alphabet Yell System
▪ Color Changable Using Touch Menu, 7 Skins Included to Choose From
▪ Add Your Own Animations / Easy Programmable Buttons
▪ Built-In Cheerleader AO and Acrobatic System
▪ Add and Create your Own Skins
▪ Private Squad Inter-Sim Communications System for Instructing Your Squad
▪ Private, Menu Settable Squad Security Key Insuring no Cross-Squad Communication
▪ %100 Lag-Proven, Easy to Use System
▪ Worry Free Product

The CheerMaster HUD and line of products are created, tested, and used by the Second Life Cheerleading Squad for it's performances and exhibitions across the grid. It is a lag-proven system that was designed by squad members, for squad members, and it's design and subsequent build are the culmination of 4 years of work, testing and use by SLCS. We are very proud of this product and hope you enjoy using, entertaining and astounding your audiences with it as much as we do!

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  • 375 Synchronized Cheerleading Animations, Cheer Motions and Dance Animations
  • 18 Automatic Formations, Stunts and Pyramids; Lag Proven, Uniform Design
  • Audible Cheerleading Alphabet Yell Gesture System, Fireworks, Animation Rippling
  • Addable - Add Your Own Animations and Poses, Programmable Buttons and Colors
  • Built-in Cheerleading AO (Animation Override) with 6 Standing Poses + Acrobatics

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掲載済み 2019/11/03 : akatforlife Moonshadow 3 星

Love it but is high in scripts or I would give it more stars

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掲載済み 2019/10/03 : ally259 5 星

This thing is great, a lot of fun, especially with 2 or more Cheerleaders in sync.

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販売元: Christi Charron

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  • 4.69 星 レビュー (13)

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