AH Tracker — avatar online history tracker (web monitoring) バージョン 1.3.2

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AHTracker is a web enabled secondlife avatar online status tracker with status events history.

You can track the time intervals someone spent online.
You can know other people's schedules to match them with yours.

The tracker is a single prim that must be rezzed inworld and stay rezzed while you are offline. Visualization and control are performed via a web browser.

- Per target IM and/or e-mail notifications can be enabled
- All information is stored in our database, so nothing is lost when sim crashes or resets
- Simple web interface to add/delete avatars you want to track
- Graphic visualization allowing you view the dates, times and duration of an avatars presence in Second Life
- Easy to compare avatar's data against another
- You can track any avatar regardless of their privacy status.
- Precision to minutes
- Unlimited data archive
- Tracks up to 10 avatars, more prims can be added later from SL Market.

- Experimental Android app, if you really needs it tell us (elihio or egphilippov) we will work to make it better

We know that there already are similar products, but we believe that competition is always good. Let customers have a choice.

See the demo here: http://ahtracker.tranoo.com/

Best Regards,
egphilippov Resident
elihio Resident



  • Simple web interface
  • Track any avatar regardless of their privacy status
  • Precision to minutes
  • Unlimited data archive
  • Tracks up to 10 avatars, more can be added later

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Well ...

掲載済み 2020/07/29 : Evoluenty 2 星

Seems promising ...
I liked the web monitor .. well done actually. And quite simple to use also BUT ..

only 10 avatars possibility and no copy. So if you needs more tracking it becomes expensive and in prims also.

the Time line monitoring is lacking of precision ... like a lot of precision. From Event tab to Time line you might miss up to 2 hours of presence.
A shame because Time Line was exactly what attracted me in this product.

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掲載済み 2020/07/06 : ManxTT 3 星

Sometimes i have the feeling its get stuck at the website. i have no response from the mail since 2 days? I mean the data is not send back to my mail....

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