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This particular creation was inspired by a gold and sapphire ring which belonged to William Wytlesey, Archibishop of Canterbury between 1362 and 1374. The gemstone was drilled, an artisan practice thought to increase the magical properties and healing powers of stones that were inset into jewelry. The original ring was said to have been found in William's tomb, with his name inscribed inside.

Jewelry was worn by all ages and genders in the middle ages, and often had functional purposes as well as decorative ones. Pieces were often ornate and elaborate, with courtly love appearing as a central theme in many creations. This is the "intent" that this ring was infused with during it's creation.

Curious about the historical details behind this ring and other jewelry from it's time period? We've shared some of our favourite facts with you on this below. (See the section called: •) This Collection's Historical Roots and Inspirations (• )

•) Specifications (•

* Elegant cabochon cut gemstones, true to their Roman and medieval counterparts, with rich, natural lighting and a high polish. Lighting is hand painted. Although it would be easier to simply cast light in our 3d programme, we like the artistic quality of hand painted lighting better.

* Ability to change the stone settings to reflect combinations of Sapphire, Bloodstone, Hematite and Carnelian, chosen for their magical and healing properties.

* Alchemy feature allows you to transmute the metal to any of 6 choices, including: white gold, silver, pewter, rich gold, antique gold and copper.

* Realistic, hand painted gem and metal textures. Not a photoshop brush. Not photo sourced. Not purchased textures.

* Metals are not flat textures on regular prims, but rather highly detailed hammered metal relief on sculpted prims.Custom made models and textures to capture as much realism as possible. All textures and sculpts carefully created by hand in our studio, ensuring both realism and exceptional quality.Everything is made in-house and carefully constructed to capture the fullness of the initial design.

* Each piece created using a combination of RL and inworld ritual and magic, infusing them with the intention of "courtly love".

* Includes a guide explaining how to use the jewelry as a simple tool in your own rituals, including tips on how to choose stones to infuse it with your own intentions and magic.

* Free updates.

* Automatic resizing and pose system built into your jewelry. This allows you to make the item larger or smaller to suit your unique avatar shape.

* Low lag scripts built in-house, with no open listens, laggy "bling" or timers. While many inworld jewelers resort to putting a script in each prim that is changeable, we have designed a compact script set that sits only in the root prim, efficiently directing the changes in the others. This is designed to reduce the imprint on SIM resources, as heavily scripted items can cause significant lag.

* Collection arrives tucked into a bottle of elixir that renames itself and converts to a beautiful alchemy prop when unpacked. We tend to use dual use packagers because we value practicality. Dual use means, once an item or items are unpacked, your unpacker becomes a decorative item. Nifty! It's like recycling. Don't fill up the landfill with prim packaging and risk your mother boxing your ears.

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It's beautiful, copy/mod and even texture scripted"

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Alchemy Immortalis
Alchemy Immortalis
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