[AM] e30 DTM Mark II Boxed

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2.0 Update info:
- 4 new liveries added
- Minor code updates

1.6 Update info:
- Updates to the code
- Addtional FX added - rotating fan and engine cooling sounds (5 min sequence after engine is off)
- HUD texture fixes
- Tires change according to driving mode (slicks for race and drift, treads for cruise)
- Etc.


Automania Motorsports Company™ - Authenticity and attention to details!
Original models, original scripts, original textures, original animations, original sounds! NO prefabs!


It is a Mark II car with with full range of [AM] latest features.

The car is intended to showcase what in our opinion is a quality content and urge SL community NOT to buy "shiny untextured s@@т stuffed with prefabricated scripts that brakes into pile of triangles when you zoom out and sound like a broken vacuum cleaner".

Some of Mark II key features include:
- ORIGINAL SCRIPT engine that took HANDLING to the new standard (written from scratch by Ichtyo Broome)!
- POLICE and PURSUIT mode that includes a little pursuit game based on SL combat system.
- Extended animations engine!
- ACTIVE SUSPENSION is now introduced! The car is leaning while turning and the wheels are bouncing. Just like in real life!
- HUD is introduced. You are now able to change the paints and handling presets via HUD menu!
- etc

The update will be sent automatically if you rez an obsolete copy. Next update is expected by the end of February 2017.


Automania Motorsports Company is proud to present our last visionary release - e30 DTM!

Dramatic raytrace texture bakings will bring your eyes into a world made of infinite deatails and materials enabled stunning vision .

Each piece is Handcrafted with HiRes Textures, but with an Eye to a Low Land Impact Result. LOD 3, which means it does not break up into triangles when you zoom out.

Each Script is balanced with a Memory Limit Function, to reduce at minimum possible the Lag Impact.

This Terrific Vehicle comes with special Features:
- Tires Tread left on tarmac when car over/understeer
- Smoke FX when BurnOut
- Smooth Movements of Doors/Hood/Trunk
- Rev Sound FX and Exhaust Flames
- Fully working Dashboard (Speedo(Rpm/Gears Display)
- Emergency Lights dash Button
- Stereo System : both dash touch and/or car menu (dual system)
- Noob Proof Drag and Drop Notecard with songs system (to add your favourite songs)
- Rez/derez a cool (textured/shadows baking with dramatic lights) car cover
- Brakes Disks Heats/glows under stress/intense use
- Custom Made Sit/Enter/Stand Up/Off/Drive/Steer Animations + 3 Bonus Couple Animations + 6 PArking animations both Driver and Passenger
- HUD with speedometer and Gear shifting display
- Astonishing Custom made "original" sound Set + 5 bonus Engine Sounds Sets (10 sounds each)
- Detailed and Maniac Car Tuning System
- Door Ajar Chimes,Alarms,Self Destruction FX,License Plate Changer/Loader
- Tons of Paintjobs,Stripes,Wheel Hubs,Rims,Calipers,Tires Tread Baked on mesh with Skill and Passion

Our car will drive you into an Astounding Gaming Performance.

Too may feautures to list.

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Nice job

掲載済み 2017/03/17 : InternetHITS 5 星

As a builder myself I buy other peoples creations too and I can appreciate other peoples creations!

Very nice job! Like it!

Nice hud too!

Must be a lot of work!

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掲載済み 2017/02/22 : akiva32 5 星

Probably the best 999LS i ever spent in SL.
Can only agree with the others, outstanding performance, the design is top notch!
Too bad i can only give 5 stars when its worth more!

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