Adorable Baby Spider Monkey Avatar

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The Original "Adorable Baby Spider Monkey Avatar"
By Ripped Winkler
This little creature has been a labor of love and is realisticly detailed to break the hearts of everyone that it meets :) It has its own custom animation overider and and very special flight anim/tail attachment.

Go on treat your self , have a look at SL through these big brown eyes .



  • Built Buy and Experienced old world Puppeter.
  • Comes with genuine heart and soul included.
  • An Origional inspiration from the heart.
  • Contains no negative karma.

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Absolutely ADORABLE!

掲載済み 2018/06/21 : CharityDevine 5 星

I read that last review and the creator's reply and felt I wanted to try it. I LOVE it. Its adorable. I'm wearing it to a themed set that I'm DJing and I know it will go over well Thank you!!!

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If I Could I Would Rate It As A 0

掲載済み 2017/06/24 : CarolinaPanthers27 1 星

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AVATAR it needs a better look and editing the but sticks out away from the body a little i want my money back this is def a waste of 900l!

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Ripped Winkler

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  • 4.82 星 レビュー (585)

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