Animation Script: trigger on sit (boxed)

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use this script when you want to trigger an animation when an object is sat on. use for chairs and other seating items

how to use:
1. edit script
2. remove the first line of the script in order for it to start working - it has been disabled so you dont get an error msg when you rez the box
3. save the script
4. put the script and the animation in your object and voila!

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Scirpt does not work

掲載済み 2020/09/10 : Prema Spirt 1 星

when I put the script in the chair you sit on the side of the chair

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maybe it is me?

掲載済み 2020/01/26 : ShariseHeadless 3 星

Bought this to add a simple dance to some boxes I made with designs for my three best friends. A single dance in each box and this script. And the dances are way off center and they are also tilted. I have no idea why. Can their height and position be adjusted? shrugs

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Old Bohemian

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