Aphrodite "Junk food" box care package for kids

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The ULTIMATE junk food pack for everyone!

Rezz the box and click open it, copy the contents to your inventory and you are ready to go!

Best junk food box ever created in SL included Over 20 different animated and wearable foods for them. The box opens and closes funnily on touch. SEND AS GIFT to your kid form our vendors or Marketplace! (copy to them when they get)

♥ Mini Pretzels
♥ Nachos
♥ Regular Chips
♥ Paprika chips
♥ Pringles chips
♥ Icre creams bucket of many favors
♥ Chick lilly pop
♥ Strawberry lollypop
♥ Fruity Lolly
♥ Apple favor lollypop
♥ Candy bowl
♥ Confetti bowl
♥ Bubblegum & candies
♥ Candy corn bag
♥ Peanut butter sandwich
♥ Banana creamy peanut butter cupcakes
♥ Chocolate bar
♥ 5 different candy bars & more!

This item is not meant a freebie or to be distributed unlimited full perm, this product is meant to eat and enjoy only by the owner, obviously, thank you.

Copyrighted product by Marina Ramer
Please try the demo at Aphrodite Shop here:

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Do not buy for yourself if you'd like for your kids to have.

掲載済み 2020/07/16 : QueenToy Cyberstar 1 星

I purchased this to be able to give my kids a sweet snack whenever they have been good, however for 475, after purchasing i realized the box is overly huge, the snacks cant be used by anyone but myself and if you are into roleplay like myself, giving your kids a huge crate of random snacks isn't acceptable. Lol. I reached out and was advised that this feature was intentional and wouldn't be fixed. And unless you want to keep reaching into the box for the menu to get a bunch of different snacks, using the snacks for decor is a time sensitive task. I personally would not suggest.

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掲載済み 2019/01/31 : DeAtHoNhEeLs 3 星

I thought the food would be transfer to my family but its not and my son cant use it cause its in my inventory.

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Aphrodite Shop
販売元: Marina Ramer

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  • 4.73 星 レビュー (33)

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