Ashira's Destiny Rings (SM5)

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Have you ever met someone you felt you were destined to meet? Someone who felt like your other half .. your Soulmate? The new Destiny rings celebrate that wonderful bond. They use the romantic Soulmate script to interact with that special someone. The rings themselves are incredible. Words can not describe them and SL pictures can't capture the amazing detail. I have included some pictures to give you an idea, but to really see them come to the tree store and look at the real thing on the rezzer. Zoom in close, because the closer you look the more detail you will see.

The Destiny Rings include an Engagment/Wedding ring for a lady and a wedding ring for a man. Other combinations available on request.

Soulmate Jewelry is designed for couples. The jewelry bonds with it's Owner and with One selected Soulmate. This bond is PERMANENT.

Once the Soulmate Jewelry is bonded is will recognize your Soulmate whenever they come within 10 meters of you. It will send you a customizable greeting from them and release a little poof of hearts. It will also announce when they are Online, come Online, or go Offline.

As long as they stay close the Soulmate Jewelry will pulse slowly in their presence like a heartbeat. It will also randomly send you Love Notes from your Soulmate along with another heart poof. All features are menu controlled and have many customizing option .. including the option to turn them off. The messages, petnames and lovenotes are the fun part of the Soulmate Jewelry. They allow you to send messages to your beloved that only they can hear. All messages are sent only to your Soulmate and not on open chat channels. Lovenotes and messages are stored on a notecard inside the jewelry making it easy to edit them and allowing unlimited lovenotes. You can be very creative with this feature with a little thought .. :-)

The new Soulmate 5.0 includes Perfect Kiss and Perfect Hug. These are customizeable kiss and hug poses that can be adjusted for a perfect match every time, but only with your Soulmate. It has the option to send hearts TO your soulmate .. and to send a lovenote to them from anywhere in SL. It will also play a little tune when they come Online and send a message when they go Offline.

The Soulmate script will bond with one other person, but you may use multiple scripts for alts or family groups.

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  • Soulmate scripted for Romantic Couples
  • Change Gold or Silver
  • Change all gems in groups (18 types)
  • Hide/Show wedding band
  • Bling On/Off

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Ashira's Aerie Creative Jewelry
販売元: Ashira Legien

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の場所(サンドボックスなど)を見つける必要があります。

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