Bento Catering - Popsicle Giver (Serves Popsicles) Fits any Bar, Perfect for Party or Celebration

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Event Catering, Party Treat Giver (Bento & Experience Enabled)
Touch to get a treat! As simple as that!

Perfect for Parties or Party Favors
24/7 Customer Support

CUSTOMIZE MENU allows you to change the texture of the Popsicle Stand.

The props are not attaching to me:

Step 1: Click World -> About Land
Step 2: Click on the EXPERIENCES tab on the left
Step 3: In the Allowed Experiences section, click the Add.. button
Step 4: Enter the exact text "Experience Cytherion Revnik" and click GO button.
Step 5: Press the OK button at the bottom of the Choose Experience window.

There will be a one-time popup to add "Experience Cytherion Revnik" to your avatar.
Once you click Yes, the prop should automatically attach to you.

If the props are still not attaching, please request a restart of your sim.

The props are not attaching for my guests:

There will be a one-time popup to add "Experience Cytherion Revnik" to your guests' avatar.
Once they click Yes, the prop should automatically attach to them

- Need additional support? -
Please send an IM to "AkaeshaCustomerSupport Resident" to leave a message.

Akaesha Designs is a reputable and well established brand for animated products in SL.
We back that up with many years of experience and top notch customer support!

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  • bento eating animations for popsicle or ice cream
  • Fits any party, party favors, club, clubbing atmosphere
  • bento eating and drinking animation
  • touch to receive prop
  • experience enabled

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Great job

掲載済み 2020/07/04 : Leandoria 5 星

very nice and great anim thank's so ùuch akaesha

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ReACT Animations & Mesh Furniture
ReACT Animations & Mesh Furniture
販売元: Akaesha Revnik

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の場所(サンドボックスなど)を見つける必要があります。

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