[Black Tulip] Script - Doors - Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain Tools V2 バージョン 2

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Online documentation: http://blacktulip-doors.blogspot.com/

Linked doors that open and close are one of the most common nightmares, so to speak, when building in Second Life. Doors that rotate, doors that are made of more than one prim, doors that slide... We usually find ourselves looking for all kinds of scripts to set them.

There are some free scripts around to perform some of these functions, but the setup is in itself a bit "messy." It's easy to make a mistake, and resetting the doors to begin again, should we want to reconfigure them, is often confusing.

The purpose of the Black Tulip Multi-Door/Drawer/Curtain Tool V2 is to offer an easy-to-use interface, so even if you have no scripting knowledge at all, just knowing how to edit linked parts, and how to edit a notecard, you'll be able to set up the doors/drawers/etc in your own objects.

The result will be a single script that will control all the doors, drawers or curtains you’ve included in your build.

Low lag linked doors, drawers and curtains made easy.

Please read the following carefully. Failure to complete this MAKES INVALID the license of use of this set of scripts.


By acquiring this package, you agree to:

- Use the main script "[Black Tulip] Door Controller v2" in your own productions only AFTER having set its permissions for NEXT OWNER to NO COPY or NO TRANSFER (detailed instructions about how to do this are given in the package).
- NOT give away any of the scripts contained in this box under any circumstances.

These scripts are EXCLUSIVELY to be used in the items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse.

Always check the updated license in: http://blacktulip-store.blogspot.com/p/licenses.html

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  • Works with swinging doors, sliding doors, windows, curtains, drawers, lids...
  • Multiple objects controlled with single script (low lag)
  • Objects can be controlled individually, or grouped to operate together
  • Optionally plays sound file when activated
  • Provides complete access control (owner only/everybody/group/white list)

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掲載済み 2021/02/05 : Stephanie Misfit 5 星

Couldn't be easier to use, I love Black Tulip scripts.

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Tricky - But with patience PERFECT!

掲載済み 2020/01/27 : Faye Blackheart 5 星

Soooo...I love Black Tulip, best on the market by far. I was having trouble finding a door script that worked with the Black Tulip Texture Changing script because it uses the "Description" field, and a lot of great door scripts need that, so they'd be incompatible. THANKFULLY, Black Tulip had a door script, so I gave it a try. I failed with the demo (mine too disappeared into the sky when I hit "play" but was able to locate it and delete it). However, I had faith in Auryn, and just bought the product anyway. It works great...but you REALLY REALLY need to ready the directions SUPER carefully on the website. The directions are not in the box, and there is no working "example" in the box. I was able to get the tester product to work that came with the purchase, but when I tried it on my mesh, nothing happened. After about 20 tries, I realized I missed one small step "renaming the doors in the NC." Once I caught that, it worked like a charm. So the blame, as always, is on me...but just know, with patience and close reading, this is a GREAT product, especially if you are working with other scripts in your build. Thanks Auryn, you are a lifesaver for us builders on SL!

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Black Tulip
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