Botha Avalon House

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Botha Avalon House

284 Prims
3072 sq.m. minimum land required

. Central Control
. Window Blinds
. Lockable Doors
. Access List
. Dimmer Lights

All objects are Mod, scripts are NoMod.

Follow these steps to quickly setup your new building

± Place your package (rezzer box) at the center of your land.

± Right-click on the box , choose Edit and keep it selected.

± Choose " Rez Building " from the menu (dialog).

± Wait a few seconds until the building rezzes.

± Position and rotate the box as pretended, the building parts will follow your box movements.

± Now Click on " Save " , delete the package box ...

! Your building is now ready to use !

.After your building is saved, you can move, rotate, copy or even delete linksets like
control panels, doors, window blinds, etc.

.Any of these objects / linksets can be safely deleted or duplicated because they are
always available inside your package. Although is not possible to rez just one piece ,
you can get it from your package contents to your inventory, and rez it manually.



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This house is truly stunning! A masterpiece!
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2014/01/18 : Morgan Incognito

Sergio is an artistic genius! This house just takes my breath away. Where I live on the island, everyone has one of those cookie-cutter houses. MY Botha Avalon stands out and is gorgeous! It is the perfect house if you live on the water or beach/island. Thank you Sergio! I am a forever fan! I even bought another house of yours even though it will not fit on my parcel. I'll have to buy a larger property soon!

Wonderful home
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2013/09/14 : Helga Cloud

The house is great. It is worth every linden. I have views from all sides. It is awesome!




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販売元: Sergio Botha

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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    コピー 修正 再販・プレゼント ユーザーライセンス許可済み
  • 自動再配達
  • 土地の負荷: 284