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BrandeTech Advertising Board v.1.0

#How it works/setting up your boards.#

Rez the board and Grant/Allow permissions.

Open the contents of the Advertising board and open the notecard?.
Here u will fill in your prices and information about renting and how to rent.

#Set up the prices in the board.#

This u do in the description box and is set to 250 by default.
when u set 250 this will be the price for one week.
so 2 weeks will automaticly be 500, 3 weeks 1500 and so on.
It does not matter what price u set!

Dont change the Name of the "Rent ad text".
If u replace it then change the new textures name to "Rent ad text" this is case sensitive . You fill in the prices at the description box in the build window, by default this has been set to 250.
The renter can just drop any landmark , notecard , or texture as long as they are full permissions for themselfs.

How do they do this?:
First they need to pay the board to rent it, then they have the option to add a landmark, notecard and texture, they dont need to use special naming on the contents any name on any landmark notecard or texture will work. u can also name your landmark, 1 your notecard, 2 and texture, 3 the script just looks for contents and loads them into the board. After the payment they can load the items by holding crtl and then drop and drag the items they want inside the advertising board, now when they done that, they need to touch the Advertising board and they will get a dialog pop up with the question are u ready, if they are ready they click yes if not they click no.

Just test this yourself first to understand how it works.
easy set up!
U can reset the vendor by pressing the bleu reset button on top.

any problems IM customsculpties leider.
Have a nice day!

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Van den Brande 3D Design
Van den Brande 3D Design
販売元: customsculpties Leider

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