Breezy Bamboo Forest Set | Swaying Animated 1 LI Mesh Plants

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Thanks for checking out my bamboo.

I uploaded these in several LOD settings, please read below to find which meets your needs, especially if you are planning to resize.

•1 land impact
•Sway gently like they're in a soft breeze
•8 different bunches for a huge variety
•Materials enhanced for great looks
•Use HUD with 3 hand-drawn texture sets
•?randomize? button to let each plant choose
•Low lag scripting with easy script delete button
•Coordinate nicely with included ground clutter
•Low polygon design optimized for filler

•Sized 2-3m in height
•Longer distance LOD for visibility across most small and medium parcels
•Will go crazy bananas land impact if you make them too big
•Best solution for sizing down

•Sized 4-5m in height
•Lower LODs for better land impact at larger sizes
•These will disappear approx half sim away at included size
•Best solution for sizing up

•One sided, cannot be seen much from other side except stalks
•Meant for background filler or walls
•Optimized for lush at the cost of some looks
•Best solution for making other bamboo bunches look denser
•Two sizes included, large has bad LOD

•Just sticks! No foliage!
•Best solution for making other bamboo bunches look denser

Please use care when linking either size, as they are likely to go up and not down due to the finely optimized LODs.

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  • Simple, low prim, and a great filler plant for big empty areas
  • 100% Mesh, Copyable, Unique hand drawn texturing
  • All original design, hand-made low poly low lag, moves with the wind or breeze
  • Includes live bright summer or spring green and two aging or dead plants hues
  • Randomize texture change across the whole sim or all the same

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An Amazing Creation!

掲載済み 2021/10/08 : Sandi Peterson 5 星

This Breezy Bamboo set is yet another wonderful creation from Anke @ [DDD]. It has multiple sizes enclosed and the workmanship is lovely from any angle. I used the large flat sided plants as fill-ins and changed the color slightly and they were simply ~perfect. They even moved slightly with the winds and added to the effect. You can't go wrong with any of Anke's creations!

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Outstanding work as Usual!

掲載済み 2021/10/07 : Sheelaha 5 星

Perfect addition to my everchanging parcel. So easy to work with and a HUGE prim saving.
Amazing and FUN to play with. Not to mention the PRICE. omg... OO

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[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
販売元: Anke Pancake

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

  • 5 星 レビュー (3)

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