Master Landmark System - Multi Edition

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Allows a shop owner, club owner, gun range proprietor, evil genius, or homemaker to set a landmark like object that can be passed out to others without fear that it will ever be out of date.

Your customers, patrons, shooters, minions, or baked goods testers will receive an object that each provides a hyperlink to your location each time it is rezzed and then automatically de-rezzes*. The objects themselves can take whatever form you would like, though a default ‘Flag’ shape is included.

Each Landmark also creates a unique URL that can be used to idnentify your location, wherever you move. Short
and easy to remember and include in Blogs, notecards, wherever.

This version allows the purchaser to have up to 10 Separate Landmarks and to include a short bit of text (up to 200 characters) with each one that will be displayed along with the hyperlink. Each Landmark 2.0's location can be changed separately and independently of each other.

* What about no-rez locations? Users can simply wear it, the hyperlink appears, and the object will detach from the User.


Q: What will my users see when they use this system?
A: When they rez the Landmark 2.0 object they will see a Hyperlink they can click on, taking them to your location. If you have the ‘Multi’ version you can optionally set ‘extra’ text to go along with it. Sample output might look like this:

Something going on from now until then.

Q: What is the main difference between the ‘Single’ and ‘Multi’ versions?
A: The Single version allows 1 Landmark per user (you), the Multi version allows up to 10.
The Multi version allows a short bit of text to be added to each Landmark (think ‘Sale from October 1st through 31st!’) when the hyperlink to your store is displayed.

Q: Do I need Both Versions?
A: No, you should stop using the ‘Single’ version if you purchase it and then the ‘Multi’ Version.

Q: Can I make the Landmark 2.0 objects I send to my customers look like X (i.e. a box, a bag, a flying dagger)?
A: Sure can, make them look like whatever you like.

Q: Why did you make this thing?
A: I went shopping one day and half of my Landmarks were out of date.

Q: What if I want more than 10 Landmarks?
A: Let Alidar Moxie know and purchase the Multi version. If demand permits a more advanced version would be forthcoming at a discounted rate to existing customers.

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  • Update your location at any time and never have users who can't find you.
  • Up to 10 Landmark 2.0 objects.
  • Add some short text to each of your Landmark 2.0 Objects.
  • Give users a never changing pointer to your location.
  • Change each Landmark 2.0's location individually.

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