CODE - 5 FEMALE Real Breath V1 バージョン 0.01

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Real Female Bored Breath =)

This is not a Animation.

It's Real Female Bored Breath
As the breath squeezed while you wait for a while.

Will be avatar Is More Realistic :P

If you want to see and hear a demo if I can show you. Feel free to contact me.



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Simple but fun little addition

掲載済み 2017/02/27 : Harley Snakeankle 5 星

For those wondering, this is an attachment that occasionally makes your avatar give a sigh, heavy breath and similar sound. The sounds are nicely done and consistent with each other. You can control them with a simple gesture based system if you want to tweak volume and frequency. It's subtle enough to add a little touch without getting annoying. At the price you can't go wrong.

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Magnificent and hyper realistic. LOVED IT!

掲載済み 2017/02/14 : LadyVerina03 5 星

This product that I had bought was really well done. There hasn't been any better female breath than this one. This product that I've bought from the Code-5, has left me satisfied in what I bought.If anyone is looking to bring realism of a female character into SL. I would recommend this to all the girl's to have for their own use. I've spoken with the creator she's been very nice and supportive and insightful. The customer service I've received was very top-notch. Great Job Kelly! :D

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The Code 5
The Code 5
販売元: KellyLingus

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  • 4.92 星 レビュー (51)

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