18 lace trim textures

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Cupids Textures Updated Terms July 2018 all other Terms are now void

With Purchasing these Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts) you agree to abide by all of my Terms of Use

!!Do not resell ,redistribute or share as is in anyway as a Texture
!!Do not repackage these Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts) in any type of business in a box or Package for any type for resale or sharing THIS IS ILLEGAL and violators will have legal action taken against them starting with DMCA that allows linden labs to release your real life information for legal action against you.
Sculpt maps and sculpts are to be used ONLY within Secondlife Grid/SecondLife Beta Grid
!!You cannot sell any modified or derivative works as textures or templates (This includes any FULL Perm HUD for clothing that uses the UUID inside the scripts)

**Never include the sculpt maps/Textures in your creations as a texture or map or template.(you may use the UUID of a map or texture as long as it remains protected with no mod of the script it is used in.

**Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts) cannot be shared with anyone other than YOURSELF meaning your alts are ok but not momma ,daddy, grandma your Best Friend forever or big Jimmy down the road....your Human is the purchaser.... not your avatar...you as the Human can use these textures as the License denotes in Secondlife

****WHAT CAN I DO?****

**You May use the Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts) on/in/With prims within SecondLife/Secondlife Beta Grid

**You may sell the prims that you use these sculpt maps/Textures on
(Please Do not sell/give away a texture on a single or multiple prim with full permissions attached)

***Please protect these Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts) like they were your own.
It only hurts me, you and any other business in Second life when you abuse these terms.

**You may take textures into your graphics programs and save to your hard drive for modifying and editing ...these are still my textures modifying does not take away my copyrights.... *you cannot sell any modified or derivative works as textures or templates*

**** MESHES****.... Please Attach your own created PRIM as the root prim (last one linked in the set) to any Mesh Items...this allows your customers to see you as creator when they need to contact you for support(Thank you)

Any and All violations of these terms will have Legal Action against them
I reserve my right to change these terms at anytime

No Refunds on Full Permission Items (MESH/Textures/Sounds/Sculpts)

***** USE ON OTHER GRIDS******

i do allow use on other grids...to use on other grids please send me a notecard with the grids name....and your avatar name in that grid and drop it on me here in SL

****No permission will be given to use on any New Grid that the Inworldz team creates in the future so sorry about this < if you were in inworldz and lost your textures and have transaction information and want items replace please send me a notecard with that information and the new grid you will be using them in thank you****

Linden Labs has a page to copyright laws and intellectual property rights and can be found at:

Please Be informed of this Law

Thank you for abiding by the Creators TOU

(c) Sweet Valentine Updated Terms July 2018

Happy Creating! If you have any questions at all about this Terms please be free to call me up =)

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  • Please Read Terms of Use Before Purchase
  • Visit us in World for many Single Textures
  • No Refunds on Full Permission Items

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掲載済み 2009/02/17 : Lucille Holmer 5 星

Awesome Lace Texture

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